Create secure and private web apps using only static JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

What is Userbase?

Userbase is the easiest way to add user accounts and user data persistence to your static site. All Userbase features are accessible through a very simple JavaScript SDK, directly from the browser. No backend necessary.

Built-in user accounts

Userbase takes care of your user accounts. The Userbase SDK lets you sign up, login, and logout users directly from your static site, and the Userbase Admin panel lets you manage all your registered users from one place.

Zero-management database

Instead of sending database queries to a server, Userbase sends all the user's data to the browser. Queries happen client-side, and there is nothing on the backend to manage or worry about.

End-to-end encrypted

Userbase won't show you what your users store in your web app. Userbase spares you from the liability of handling user data by encrypting all database operations in the user's browser.

When would I use it?

If you're building a web app, you will likely need a database and a backend. Userbase can replace both of those things...

How do I start?

Userbase will become available on January 25th, 2020. Enter your email to receive important updates in your inbox.